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   — Attain your breastfeeding goals

Lactation Consultant Provides Breastfeeding Help

Pregnant? Want to be a successful breastfeeding mother? Need help? Trust your IBCLC.  International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Heidi Lam helps you to attain your breastfeeding goals and fix any breastfeeding problems.

An IBCLC is a health care professional who specialized in the clinical management of breastfeeding, and is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, Inc.

Breastfeeding is the norm to feed our babies. Holistic Lactation Centre helps you succeed to become a breastfeeding mother:

  • providing antenatal breastfeeding preparation
  • learn how to breastfeed in a comfortable position
  • getting a good latch
  • ensure a good start and progress well
  • building a good supply
  • decrease formula and returning to exclusive breastfeeding
  • change from bottle feeding to direct nursing
  • fixing any breastfeeding problems and pain
  • breastfeeding premature, twin or special needs babies
  • continue breastfeeding after going back to work
  • starting solid and weaning

Holistic Lactation Centre helps you breastfeeding confidently! To attain your breastfeeding goals or to fix any problems, please call 2815 9900 for a consultation.

Lam Yan Yee Heidi, B.So.Sci. (Hon), IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

La Leche League Leader

Member of International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)

Heidi breastfed her two daughters with more then 8 years breastfeeding experience. Since 2009, she was accredited as La Leche League Leader and serves local Hong Kong mothers, counselling hundreds of breastfeeding mothers. In 2010, to pursue her professional qualification, she was awarded the Trudi Szallasi Memorial Scholarship from Health-e-learning.com to complete a one year course on lactation medicine. Later in the same year, Heidi attended and spoke at the Susuibu.com International Lactation Conference 2010 in Malaysia as a Hong Kong delegate.   In 2011, she was qualified as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC.

Heidi believes breastfeeding is more than giving breast milk to the baby.  She cherishes the bonding with children though breastfeeding, and it is the most important way to mother a child.  With professional qualification, personal experience, and breastfeeding counselling experience, Heidi will help mothers to attain their breastfeeding goals.  By means of professional consultation and education, Heidi’s mission is to raise the exclusive breastfeeding rate in Hong Kong, and strengthen the breastfeeding culture.

Heidi speaks English and Cantonese.


Lactation Consultation:

  • home visit
  • office consultation at:
  • online consultation

Cost: (**Currently, only online consultation is available**)

Home visit (currently unavailable):

  • Charge according to the time of visit, minimum charge 1.5 hours, $1500
  • $500 for every next 30 minutes
  • over 15 minutes but less than 30 minutes still charge as 30 minutes, less than 15 minutes will not be charged
  • Most visits last 1.5 – 2 hours, but all depends on individual situations
  • round trip transportation cost and taxi fee required
  • surcharge per visit:
    • $300 for Sundays and public holidays
    • $200 for New Territories, islands, Lantau (except Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing district,  DB, Tung Chung and Peng Chau)

Online consultation:

  • $800 per consultation for 1 hour, paypal payment surcharge $40
  • Technical option: Whats app, FaceTime
  • can pay by any credit card or via paypal account

Change or cancel booking:

  • In order to arrange office usage or transportation for home visits, please notify any changes in advance.
  • For booking on the next day, any changes or cancellation please notify before 8pm the night before.
  • If changes or cancellation within 12 hours of booking, a charge of half of consultation fee is needed.  If changes or cancellation within 4 hours of booking, full payment is needed.
  • Change or cancellation fee needed to be paid before the next booking

All Enquiries and Home Visit Bookings:

Heidi Lam

Links to some selected websites with English breastfeeding information.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JOJO
    May 25, 2012 @ 01:28:32

    I feel so alone in my profession and this will be a benssilg! I have a question that I need help with. My manager at work, in a large hospital, told me that the nurses and physicians had a problem with informed consent when it came to breastfeeding. ie: we have mothers who state that they want to breast and bottle feed. I discuss the importance of getting a good milk supply started before introducing a bottle, always asking why. Most mothers state it is because they are going back to work, then I discuss this finding out when they go back, making a breastfeeding plan. The problem is that the nurses want to give bottles without informing the patients about possible consequences as they get their milk supply going for NON medical reasons ie: get sleep at night, second night feeding frenzie, etc. I feel it is my ethical responsibility as a RN and IBCLC to give informed consent (ie: information) because most mothers do not understand the consequences of bottles of formula in the first few days and I have made it clear that the nurses have that responsibility also. They do not like this. Any suggestions would be helpful as I have called a meeting of the managers next week. Thanks, Doreen


    • Heidi
      May 25, 2012 @ 08:54:55

      Yes, It is important to inform mothers. Giving bottles without medical indication just create more problems. And the mothers do have a right to know the consequences. Perhaps hospital stuffs need more training on breastfeeding.


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    Jul 19, 2019 @ 01:44:28

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