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The following are selected Newage and Natural products, available for online order only.  Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to confirm the order.  For details in English please see below.



  • 網上paypal付款,可使用任何信用卡或以PayPal戶口支付,本中心會發出付款電郵通知,請依電郵指示付款


  • 網上paypal付款,可使用任何信用卡或以PayPal戶口支付,本中心會發出付款電郵通知,請依電郵指示付款
  • 請電郵或利用下列表格,註明您的訂貨資料,電郵及郵寄地址,會有專人聯絡有關海外郵費及付款詳情


  • 電郵:
  • 手提: (852) 9301 6381
  • 地址: 香港東涌郵政局 信箱189號,全母乳顧問中心

Order Newage and Natural Products Online

Please fill in the form below with details of your order, mailing address, name and phone number.  Please add a postage and handling of HK$10 for each product, and add extra $16 if you want to receive by registered mail. We will mail the product to you after we receive your payment. You can choose different payment methods:


  • On line payment by using PayPal account or any credit cards, we will email you the online payment request.

Orders outside Hong Kong can pay online via PayPal by any credit cards. Please email or use the form below to enquire for postage cost.  Please indicate your product choices, your email and mailing address. We will contact you directly for postage cost and payment method.

Contact us at:

  • Email:
  • Tel: (852) 93016381
  • Address: Holistic Lactation Centre, P.O. Box 189, Tung Chung Post Office, Hong Kong

立即訂購 Order Now:

塔羅牌枱布 Tarot Reading Cloth  HK$330

full size

適合讀塔羅牌或作裝飾用 for tarot readings or decorative use

tarot cloth corner

四邊包有銀黑花邊 black and silver lining on 4 sides


銀色暗花 silver patterns

cloth lining

柔軟夾層 soft lining

  • 黑色絲絨印有銀色暗花,黑銀色花邊,底層黑色裐布
  • 可用於閱讀塔羅牌,或裝飾擺設之用
  • 26 x 37吋
  • 限量手工製作
  • black velvet with silver patterns, black and silver lace on 4 sides, soft black lining
  • good for tarot reading or decorative use
  • 26 x 37 inches
  • handmade limited product

印度手製香 每盒$25, 三盒$60  Indian Handmade Incense Sticks $25/box, $60/3 boxes


  • 手製印度香,可打造寧靜環境,氣味芳香
  • 訂購1-2 盒郵費$5,3盒或以上郵費$10
  • 香味有:
    • 薰衣草 (舒緩,15支)
    • 玫瑰花 (芳香,20支)
    • 檸檬香芧 (清香,可驅蚊,20支)
    • 茉莉花 (幽香,20支)
    • 檀香 (寧靜,20支)
  • handmade Indian incense sticks with natural fragrant
  • for order of 1-2 boxes add postage $5, for 3 boxes or more add postage $10
  • fragrant:
    • Lavender (15 sticks)
    • Rose (20 sticks)
    • Lemongrass (20 sticks) can use as insect repeller
    • Jasmin (20 sticks)
    • Sandalwood (20 sticks)
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