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Order Breastfeeding Products Online

We offer useful breastfeeding products to help mothers breastfeeding in ease.  For Hong Kong customers, please visit our offices to buy or order online now.  Please fill in the form below with details of your order, mailing address, name and phone number.  Free surface during clearance, but please add extra $16 if you want to receive by registered mail. We will mail the product to you after we receive your payment. You can also choose to us SF courier and paid for the cost.


  • On line payment by using PayPal account or any credit cards, we will email you the online payment request.

Orders outside Hong Kong can pay online via PayPal by any credit cards. Please email or use the form below to enquire for postage cost.  Please indicate your product choices, your email and mailing address. We will contact you directly for postage cost and payment method.

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哺乳圍巾清貨 $238 兩件包平郵   (原價$170 一件)

Bebebela Nursing Cover  $238 for Two

Free surface mailing, original HK$170 for one

  • 方便隨時隨地餵哺母乳,而且美觀實用
  • 頸帶可調較,頸線位有硬邊,提供空間讓母親觀察餵哺情況,及與寶寶眼神接觸
  • 64cm長 x 92cm 闊,百份百純綿
  • 巾角有設小袋,另附有同色布袋,方便携帶
  • conveniently breastfeeding anytime, anywhere and in style
  • adjustable neck stripe, with rigid neck line for mothers to observe breastfeeding and allows eye contact with baby
  • Size: 64cm long x 92cm wide, made of 100% cotton
  • corner pocket attached and comes with matching pouch

5 new colour










black n white


  • 「這哺乳圍巾十分有用,而且設計及顏色精美!」石小姐,香港。

What Users Say

  • “The nursing cover is very useful. The design and the color is beautiful too.” Ms Shek, Hong Kong

VrBabies 全綿揹帶  VrBabies Pure Cotton Ring Sling $220

  • 與寶寶保持親密接觸,方便照顧及安撫,是母乳餵哺必備之恩物
  • 可調較布邊之鬆緊, 餵哺母乳時可用布尾完全遮蓋
  • 方便出街,隨時隨地可餵哺母乳,甚至一邊走動一邊餵哺
  • 由初生用至28磅(13kg),巾尾有小袋
  • 25 吋 闊  x  76 吋長
  • 全綿布質透氣涼爽
  • 紅、藍、綠條紋三種顏色選擇
  • Promotes attachment parenting, must have for breastfeeding mothers
  • adjust by pulling either side of cloth, sling tail can cover up while breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding anytime, anywhere, even while walking
  • for newborn to 28 pounds (13kg), pocket attached at tail
  • 25 inches wide x 76 inches long
  • pure cotton, light weight and breathable
  • red, blue and greeen stripe colour choices

顏色: 紅條紋 Colour: Red Stripe

顏色: 藍條紋 Colour: Blue Stripe

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